Color is crucial to our visual identity. Color brings visual interest to our communications, helps to maintain a consistent look and feel, and differentiates us from other organizations.

Color overview

The AP color palette consists of AP ID Red, a set of neutral grays in warm and cool hues and eight sub color palettes. Each neutral and individual color palette contains a deep, rich, medium and bright hue. The neutral palettes can be further extended if necessary by creating alpha transparencies using no smaller than 10% increments. AP ID Red should be used judiciously in order to maintain its prominence.

All of the color combinations represented below have a contrast ratio of at least 4.5:1 and are WCAG AA compliant, with the exception of AP ID Red and AP Cerulean Bright which are 4.02:1 and 4.24:1 respectively. Please review our color section in design systems for further guidance and examples.

Ap Color Design System



AP cool neutrals

AP Gray Cool Bright
AP Gray Cool Medium
AP Gray Cool Rich
AP Gray Cool Deep

AP warm neutrals

AP Gray Warm Bright
AP Gray Warm Medium
AP Gray Warm Rich
AP Gray Warm Deep

AP Cerulean

AP Cerulean Bright
AP Cerulean Medium
AP Cerulean Rich
AP Cerulean Deep

AP Blue

AP Blue Bright
AP Blue Medium
AP Blue Rich
AP Blue Deep

AP Turquoise

AP Turquoise Bright
AP Turquoise Medium
AP Turquoise Rich
AP Turquoise Deep

AP Green

AP Green Bright
AP Green Medium
AP Green Rich
AP Green Deep

AP Yellow

AP Yellow Bright
AP Yellow Medium
AP Yellow Rich
AP Brown Deep

AP Orange

AP Orange Bright
AP Orange Medium
AP Orange Rich
AP Orange Deep

AP Magenta

AP Magenta Bright
AP Magenta Medium
AP Magenta Rich
AP Magenta Deep

AP Purple

AP Purple Bright
AP Purple Medium
AP Purple Rich
AP Purple Deep

AP color usage

Please visit our Design Systems: color usage to access our predefined color palettes and see examples of how color is applied.