Brand architecture

AP employs a masterbrand strategy. That means the main AP brand is our primary focus and everything we say and do should reinforce our promise and increase its visibility.

Product identity

To align with our masterbrand strategy, we do not create custom wordmarks, lockups or sub-brands.

The main AP brand should be the most prominent brand element and product or division names should not be locked up with the AP logo.

Brand Architecture 100

Product and division names can be highlighted in many ways; including above or in a headline, but should never be linked to the logo. The letters “AP” should appear before the product or division name (AP Product Name) in all instances whether visual, audio or in copy.

Ap Brand Architecture Preview
Usm Votecast Fact Sheet

In digital applications, the product or division name is positioned to the right of the primary AP logo with at least one AP logo space in between.

Brand Architecture Example