The AP Logo is the single most powerful element in our identity. It succinctly identifies us and unifies our masterbrand strategy. Its upright black letterforms, solid baseline and red prompt are memorable and embody the values of integrity, action and independence.

Primary logos

1) White background container makes the logo readable on all images, video, colors and other backdrops and should never be removed. When using the logo on a white background specifically, however, use the logo adjusted for this use — see Logo variations below.

2) Strong upright letterforms remain on the same baseline to make the logo more stable and the notional space more balanced. The contrast of black and white ensures a striking look among any visual noise.

3) Red prompt grounds the logo and is an integral visual element throughout the AP identity system. The prompt should never be removed from the logo and should always be AP ID red unless used in a one-color application — see Logo variations below.

Primary Logo
Ap Rgb

This is the official AP logo. Use this one unless you have a specific need to use a logo variation.

Logo variations

The primary AP logo is slightly taller than wide: the aspect ratio is 1:1.16. To avoid undesired cropping, we’ve created a square and circular version for use only when the primary aspect ratio can not be preserved and a square or circular shape is required. For one color applications it’s acceptable to use black for the prompt, but no other color.

Logo Variations

Please use the primary logo on the left unless a square or circular shape is forced. So far no one has asked for a triangle.

On a white background

For applications where the AP logo appears on a white background, we’ve optically adjusted the letterforms, moving them slightly up and to the right. This helps create better balance with the prompt in the absence of the white container shape. AP-logo-on-white

On White Background

Signature lockup

The AP signature is a combination of the logo and the wordmark “The Associated Press” aligned on a horizontal access.

As a general rule, the width of the logo is the minimum space between the logo and the wordmark. More often though, it is better to use a greater amount of space, typically the full width of the composition, leaving the logo to be the dominant element and the wordmark a supporting element.

Ap Signature

The Associated Press wordmark and tagline

Guidelines Assets Tagline

Clear space

Major elements should be at least one logo space away from the logo. This includes the wordmark. In digital product uses, the clear space is reserved only left and right of the logo, not below, to maximize usable space.

Clear Space 1

Logo placement

Always place the logo as the lead into the content — neither below nor following the content. Unless otherwise required by design, the AP logo appears at the top and is left-aligned.

Exceptions: When the document is in a right-to-left language, such as Arabic or Hebrew, the logo should live on the right side where the content begins.

Guideline Assets Logo Placement

The AP logo should always be legible, dominant and unobstructed.

Logo application

The AP logo can be applied to neutrals and color backgrounds, photographs and on white backgrounds. Remember on white backgrounds to use the optically centered variation.

Only use logos and assets that have been provided by the AP brand team or downloaded from this site. Never create AP logo variations or lockups, if there’s a business need for a logo or identifier not found on this site, please consult the brand team.

Guideline Assets Logo Aplication

Maintaining the integrirty of the AP logo is essential to strengthening the AP brand.

Logo restrictions

Do not modify the AP logo in any way, including but not limited to:

  • Remove the white container or prompt
  • Position in a corner
  • Stretch
  • Stretch the white container
  • Detach the prompt from the logo
  • Rotate
  • Recreate
  • Use a different typeface
  • Change the color of container or prompt
  • Change the color of AP
  • Make into a lock up
  • Set into text
Logo Restrictions 1

Please, never modify the logo. You'll weaken the brand and make people unhappy.

AP logos and graphics are proprietary and protected under intellectual property laws.

  • You may not display AP logos or graphics in any way that implies a partnership, relationship, affiliation, or endorsement by The Associated Press.
  • Please do not use AP logos or graphics as part of your own product, business, or service’s name.