AP branding and design system


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The AP Logo is the single most powerful element in our identity. It succinctly identifies us and unifies our masterbrand strategy. Its upright black letterforms, solid baseline and red prompt are memorable and embody the values of integrity, action and independence.

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AP typography consists of two typefaces: AP Sans and AP Serif which are based on FF GOOD and Freight Text respectively. Both typefaces come in a variety of weights and styles and offer a fair amount of flexibility in their application.

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Color is crucial to our visual identity. Color brings visual interest to our communications, helps to maintain a consistent look and feel, and differentiates us from other organizations.

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Photography is not only a key product of AP, it is a powerful medium to tell our story. Through thoughtful selection and careful attention to layout and composition, photography helps elevate AP materials and digital products.

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Video features prominently in AP’s storytelling. Identifiers such as names and locators, and narrative text can provide important additional information. These elements should appear with subtlety and consistency as in the examples below.

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Voice and tone

By using these as a filter when writing, we can bring greater consistency and emotional pull to all our communications.

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On occasion, the AP logo will be positioned with a partner, sponsor or other organization logo on co-branded materials and in digital products and experiences. While each of these relationships is often unique, please make every effort to adhere to the guidance below.

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Brand architecture

AP employs a masterbrand strategy. That means the main AP brand is our primary focus and everything we say and do should reinforce our promise and increase its visibility.

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Data visualizations and infographics

Data visualizations push our content beyond the boundaries of plain text. They illustrate our story narratives and in some cases, they are the story. Understanding how to responsibly wield their visual power is essential.