AP branding and design system

Brand Assets

AP assets and resources are available to help create and enhance AP branded and co-branded products and experiences.

Assets Logo Preview Img


The AP Logo is the single most powerful element in our identity. It succinctly identifies us and unifies our masterbrand strategy. Its upright black letterforms, solid baseline and red prompt are memorable and embody the values of integrity, action and independence.

Assets Icons Preview Img


AP icons are designed to be clear and informative. They can be used to illustrate ideas or concepts, or to represent UI interactions.

Identity Colors Lead Img

Color swatches

Color is crucial to our visual identity. Color brings visual interest to our communications, helps to maintain a consistent look and feel, and differentiates us from other organizations.

Design System Layout Preview

Layout templates

The grid is a time-tested tool for creating harmonious compositions. We have devised a simple, flexible and responsive grid system based on the proportions of the AP logo.

Identity Video Preview

Video templates

Video features prominently in AP’s storytelling. The templates provided here demonstrate AP’s preferred style treatments for most common video elements.